If your company or the company you oversee falls victim to a cyber-attack who will be blamed? Even if the cyber security attack wasn’t your “fault” you will be called irresponsible you may even be asked, “how could you be so stupid that you let a hacker do this?” This is harsh, we know BUT someone will need to take the blame if the company data has been compromised and you might take the fall.

Anyone who has followed the news knows that if client or patient data is compromised you will not be given any sympathy. You will be found to be “at fault” as will your IT team but if you’re at the helm, you will be judged the most harshly because “you should have known” what was going on and if the company data was vulnerable.

Whose Fault Is It Your Business Was Hacked?

Don’t tell yourself, “it won’t happen to us” our business is “too small” for a hacker to care about. Believe me when I say, hackers do not care how large or small an organization is – the thrill of the hunt for them is vulnerable data that they can use to exploit you in a ransomware attack or by selling your client or patient data on the dark web. The company reputation will be forever tarnished.

Lawsuits will likely be filed against the company and even against you as the CEO. You can’t claim ignorance of the goings on in your IT or cybersecurity fronts – you’re the boss, you’re at fault. Your company will also need to have been properly insured to protect it and recoup any losses – this is a very specific insurance and not many companies invest in it – and they should.

How can WareGeeks Solutions help you?

We have changed our service and the way in which we respond with our clients to this type of crisis. Our cybersecurity protection professionals want to work with you BEFORE your company data is compromised BUT we can help you implement changes to protect your data from further destruction.

Whose Fault Is It Your Business Was Hacked?
Photo by Anthony Shkraba from Pexels

Because we have been paying attention to the trends – especially when coronavirus hit and forced many companies to quickly pivot and send their staff home.

Our current clients, who are on our managed service retainer program, we have included them in our new 360 Protect Data Now protection service. For others – like yourself, we can investigate your current protections and make recommendations on how we can help your unique situation.

Here are three reasons your company needs continual and ongoing maintenance and cyber security protections:

  1. Cybercriminals install ransomware on your company system not necessarily because they want access to your data, but they know YOU do in order to run your business. They take great pleasure in holding your data hostage and making you pay to safely recover your data
  2. Small businesses are the NUMBER ONE target for hackers because they lack sophisticated cybersecurity protections. You hear about the large ones on the news because they are large. Chances are Joe’s ABC Company is not going to make the national news but you can bet that locally he is being called out and blamed and likely closing his doors.
  3. The average cost of a cybersecurity hack or incident will cost a small business $200,000. That is the average – could be less, but it certainly could be more. Does your business have the resources to pay a hacker the ransom of $200,000 or the cost of data recovery and reputation management? Remember, too not only are you paying to get your data back but you also have to pay to restore the network and protect it from future attacks. We’ll bet that if a hacker gets in once, he will try it again.

Don’t let your business fall victim to a cyberattack or ransomware attack. Call us today at 877.653.7146 or email us today. You may be safe now, but will you be safe and will your client or patient data be safe tomorrow?

DM us or schedule an appointment to talk with our President Seth Melendez. Protect your company’s most valuable asset – its data.

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