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Stay Aware, Stay Safe

MFE WareGeeks Solutions: Pays It Forward At Boxwood Learning Center

Seth Melendez, President of MFE – WareGeeks Solutions recently sat down with Marie Thelusma-Chase, Director, at Boxwood Learning Center in New Jersey. Boxwood Learning Center has a mission and vision “To create a learning environment for supporting the whole child by way of tutoring, mentoring, and career exploration.  We work to expose young people to…
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How Much Do Cyberattacks Cost Small Business Owners?

If you haven’t stopped to ask yourself how much a cyberattack would cost your small business you need to. It’s estimated that a cyberattack will cost a small business owner $200,000. Would your business survive that cost and the recovery from a cyber attack? Many won’t. Do you think that your business is “too small”…
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The Need For Two-Factor Authentication

Hackers are cracking passwords and infiltrating firewalls and taking over computers at an alarming rate. One way a business or an individual can add an additional layer of cybersecurity protection is by enabling two-factor authentication (2FA). Is it an annoyance to always have to have that second layer of protection before logging into your accounts?…
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How To Focus On Computer Security

October was #BeCyberSmart Month. November 30 was National Computer Security Day; a day to take time and review your online data and your computer security measures. Every year on November 30, National Computer Security Day is observed to keep online data safe. As an IT & Cyber Security Consulting firm with an emphasis on business…
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What Is CyberSecurity?

There is so much talk swirling around cybersecurity. Companies and individuals need to protect themselves and have practices and technologies in place to prevent a cyberattack. Do you, or the members of your team, understand cybersecurity? When we work with our clients, we explain what cybersecurity is, how to protect against it and what measures…
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Windows 7 Support Is Going Away: Are You Prepared?

Microsoft is pulling the plug on support for it Windows 7 operating systems. This is not new news. Microsoft has been upfront about the upcoming changes and it has been urging users to upgrade and update their systems. There are still those holdouts, and we aren’t sure what they are waiting for because it doesn’t…
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Don’t Turn Your Computer On After A Ransomware Attack

Your computer or your server has been taken over by ransomware and you’ve decided to “pay the ransom” in order to regain control of your computer. After you’ve done that and you now have control over your computer and can see your site and your server again, you’re in the clear, right? Not so fast.…
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