“If I use a VPN (virtual private network) when I go online, no one can tell where I’ve gone and what I’ve clicked on.” This is what many of the clients that Seth Melendez, president of WareGeeks Solutions hears all the time. The fact is, it is better to have a VPN than to not use a VPN, but just because you’re using this encrypted tunnel to get online you are not anonymous. Remember this, a VPN doesn’t make you anonymous online.

When there was the rush for employers to send their employees home and have them perform their jobs from potentially unsecured locations, virtual private networks came to the forefront as the be-all and end-all for security. Again, using a VPN is better and safer than not using one, but if you’re an employee who is doing things online that you shouldn’t be doing, you still run the risk of infecting your employer’s (and your own) computer or server.

Everyone needs to understand its limitations. Don’t think you’re being tracked. You are. Don’t assume that no one is collecting data on your searches because you’re using a VPN. They are.

Don’t ever assume that there is complete anonymity. Consider this, if you have a VPN that allows for four computers to utilize it at one time – how does that VPN know how many computers you have on that system if it isn’t tracking you in one form or another?

VPNs Don’t Make You Anonymous Online

VPNs Don't Make You Anonymous Online

Virtual private networks began as a consumer-friendly way to give users peace of mind that they were safer online. It gave people a false sense of security and also allowed their movements to be tracked.

VPNs have limitations and you need to understand what they are in order to be truly protected and keep your data secure.

If you’re thinking, “I’m not doing anything illegal when I’m online,” that’s great! But if you’re logging into your bank account or if you’re searching a shopping site or checking out the online news you can open yourself and your searches up to scrutiny. If you’re looking at refrigerators online, chances are you will see advertisements for refrigerators in your Facebook feed or in the pop up ads on sites you visit. Coincidence? No. Tracking of your online movements even if you’re using a VPN.

Understanding the limitations and knowing that you will give up some of the comfort and ease of use when you go online, are trade-offs you need to consider.

Use a VPN (virtual private network) but don’t think you’re anonymous – you’re not.

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