How To Ensure Email Security: 5 Tips

How To Ensure Email Security

Could your email be hacked? Has it been hacked? We have some tips on how to ensure email security because if you’re like most of us, you will send and receive emails – perhaps hundreds of them – on a daily basis. Email is convenient and quick. Because there is so much traffic it is […]

VPNs Don’t Make You Anonymous Online

VPNs Don't Make You Anonymous Online

“If I use a VPN (virtual private network) when I go online, no one can tell where I’ve gone and what I’ve clicked on.” This is what many of the clients that Seth Melendez, president of WareGeeks Solutions hears all the time. The fact is, it is better to have a VPN than to not […]

Your Biz Needs A Cybersecurity Insurance Policy: 3 Reasons

3 reasons to get a cyberinsurance policy

As a business owner, there are many types of insurance you need to think about to protect yourself, your employees and the facility in which you work – among others. Your biz needs a cybersecurity insurance policy: 3 reasons you may not have considered. Do you need to add another insurance policy to the mix? […]

5 Reasons To Use Antivirus Software

5 ways antivirus is good

Is your computer safe from a cyberattack? Could your computer and its data be held for ransom? Is your identity at risk of being stolen? Are your passwords available on the DarkWeb? So many things to think about! Will antivirus software help? We have put together a list of 5 reasons to use antivirus software. […]

Cybersecurity Breach: Protect Your Biz From 3 Hidden Impacts

How To Protect Your Biz From 3 Hidden Impacts Of A Cybersecurity Breach

The impacts of a cybersecurity breach seem to have tentacles of impact you may never have considered. Have you ever wondered how to protect your biz from 3 hidden impacts of a cybersecurity breach? There are more than three, but these should give you pause and cause you to take action. Most business owners think: […]

What Is Phishing? 8 Facts

what is phishing 8 facts

I get asked all the time, “what is phishing?” I have 8 facts that I share even though there are a myriad more that could be covered, and will be covered in future articles. Phishing is a prevalent type of cybercrime where hackers send emails that appear to be from a trustworthy source, institution or […]

Did Your Business Continuity Plan Work? 5 Checkpoints

Did Your Business Continuity Plan Work? 5 Checkpoints

If things worked as they were supposed to, your company’s business continuity and disaster recovery plan worked as it was supposed to. Being shut down or having to relocate your employees to work from home because of the coronavirus pandemic might not have caused a ripple in your customer service or retention. If you didn’t […]

5 Ways To Protect Identity This Shopping Season

We have put together this list of 5 ways to protect identity this shopping season.

We have put together this list of 5 ways to protect identity this shopping season. Don’t let the Grinch aka a cyber hacker ruin your holiday season. 2020 has done enough to all of us in terms of canceling trips, quarantining, losing jobs and suffering ransomware and phishing attacks at work that you don’t want […]

What Is Vishing? 5 Ways To Beat It

what is vishing

You’ve heard of phishing, right? Phishing is a way a cyber hacker can get into the company network by sending a malicious email. These phishing emails look legitimate to your employees and they believe it’s from someone within the company asking them to click a link. The employee clicks the link and viola – a […]

What Is ‘Phishing’?

October is National Cyber Security Awareness month and we want to talk about phishing scams. What is phishing? A phishing attack is one that uses your email or a website to infect your computer, tablet or phone with viruses and/or malware. The purpose of phishing is to infiltrate your devices and collect your financial and […]