The impacts of a cybersecurity breach seem to have tentacles of impact you may never have considered. Have you ever wondered how to protect your biz from 3 hidden impacts of a cybersecurity breach? There are more than three, but these should give you pause and cause you to take action.

Most business owners think:

  1. It will never happen to us — we have an IT department
  2. We are too small for a hacker to bother with
  3. We will recover and no one will be the wise

All of the above cybersecurity breach thoughts are untrue.

  1. A cybersecurity breach or attack can and likely WILL happen to you
  2. You may have an IT department, but they may spend their time focusing on break-fix and password resets. Also, when an IT professional is entrenched in a business on a daily basis, he or she becomes immune to potential breaches
  3. Because you’re small your business is an easier target. Do you think it’s only the huge companies that get hacked? No. It’s because they are big that it makes the news.
  4. Your business may not recover and your reputation certainly may never be the same
  5. The average cost of a cybersecurity breach is $200,000… do you have that kind of money lying around to recover?

How To Protect Your Biz From 3 Hidden Impacts Of A Cybersecurity Breach

Here are three other ways your business can be damaged (sometimes beyond repair) by a security breach:

How To Protect Your Biz From 3 Hidden Impacts Of A Cybersecurity Breach
  1. Your reputation may never recover. Your clients and customers trust you to protect their data and health records and if they are exposed to a hacker because of your negligence (and that may be a harsh term, but that’s what it is) they will likely take their business elsewhere. They may also sue — can you afford that in addition to the cost of the breach?
  2. Fines, fees and lawsuits. Those words should send a chill through your bones and a shudder through your bank account and your insurance policies. Don’t imagine that you will be able to quietly plug the data breach hole and go on with business as usual. Clients and customers could sue. Your insurance could be canceled or the premium could shoot through the roof. Depending on the type of client and customer or patient data that is exposed, the government could step in and levy fines.
  3. Your clients could become infected themselves because of you and your data breach. If you hadn’t thought about that, you should now. Can you imagine? Your data is infected and perhaps held for ransom — that’s bad enough BUT now the hackers have gained access to your client, customer or patient emails, accounts and more and are using their accounts to continue their cyberattack.

The ramifications of a cybersecurity attack should have you losing sleep at night. If nothing else, it should have you questioning everything your IT department is doing to keep the company and data safe. There should be internal reviews of protocols and procedures AND you may want to consider bringing in an outside vendor to perform an evaluation of your cybersecurity measures.

Don’t wait until your business is infected.

Clients who are on our 360 Protect Data Now Managed Service plan DO have protections in place to greatly reduce the chances of these things happening, and the severity and impact if they get compromised. You should also know there is absolutely no way we, or anyone else, can 100% guarantee you won’t get compromised – you can only put smart protections in place to greatly reduce the chances of this happening, to protect data so it IS recoverable and to demonstrate to your employees, clients and the lawyers that you WERE responsible and not careless. 

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