Seth Melendez, WareGeeks Solutions’ President is asked all the time, “how will Azure services help protect my data?” We will get to the answer to that, but one of the reasons we are proponents for Azure Cloud is that we don’t want our clients to have to worry about a data breach in an economy that may already have caused them headaches. Azure offers feeling of security for business owners and it makes sense.

A data breach or ransomware has the ability to tip a once-successful business into the realm of not being able to recover. We want to work with you to ensure your data is safe and how to recover your data if its breached. Keep in mind that no matter what a managed service provider does to secure your data – the human factor always comes into play and that means there could still be breaches because of the human factor.

Is Azure Cloud right for your business?

Yes. This Cloud has been configured to be beneficial to businesses of all types and all levels of earnings and the size and location of staff and vendors.

We see many clients who, before they start working with us, either don’t have a cloud configuration, a vision for how to use the cloud, or are using the cloud with no protocols in place. We have also seen organizations in which the IT department has granted access to all data on the cloud to every person within an organization when, in fact, access should have been regulated and denied to some.

Azure Offers Feeling Of Security

When we go into a business we assess their cloud usage, protocols and how they can best utilize it for their clients and staff. Having a robust and secure cloud is a safer way to share data than to have remote workers use VPNs.

Azure Offers Feeling Of Security: 4 Reasons

When you’re using Azure, your staff logs in from home and are instantly given access to the same machine they would be using if they were in the office. Using a Windows Virtual Desktop makes it simple for remote staff to log in and access their hardware.

Windows Azure provides business owners flexibility in pricing. The business doesn’t need to have a major outlay of cash or invest in a major capital purchase. This is a program your business pays for based on use and size of the company.

Organizations that use cloud services may be utilizing AWS and may be wondering, why to make a switch to Azure. More importantly, they may be asking, how much downtime will I have and how long will it take to make a change.

Benefits of Azure include:

  1. Security – it is updated continually. The features of Azure are embedded. If you’re using AWS you may need to utilize third-party tools.
  2. Cost – you don’t have to buy a new operating system. AWS doesn’t specifically have a separate charge for this, but you would need to invest in an additional operating system and that is a monthly subscription fee.
  3. Resources – Azure Cloud has a myriad of collateral and self-study materials to enhance or supplement Azure knowledge among your team.
  4. Disaster recovery and backup – if there is a fire or flood or other natural (or manmade) disaster, Azure will keep your business operational.

If you’re not using Azure Cloud services and would like to know more, reach out to Seth Melendez. 

Be proactive in ALL the cybersecurity aspects of your business.

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