How To Prevent A Cyberattack: 12 Tips

how to prevent a cyberattack

The managed service professionals at WareGeeks Solutions tell their clients, “It’s not a matter of if – but a matter of when – your business will suffer a data breach or a cyberattack. National and international hackers are having a field day – still – with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and with lax […]

Be Proactive With Cybersecurity & Ransomware Strategy: 9 Tips

You Need To Be ransomware Proactive With Cyber Security Strategy

There is an old saying that goes something like, “it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.” Well, we don’t think that a business owner should be asking his or her clients for forgiveness for a ransomware attack when their security walls have been breached and the customer’s personal and private information has been exposed […]

How Can Your Company Be Damaged By Cybercrime? 5 Ways

employee causes cybercrime

Did you know it’s not just cybercriminals that are to blame for data breaches? It could be your own employee – malicious or inadvertent. Could your company be the victim of a cybercrime that you’re not even aware of yet? Imagine this scenario (because it really happened) an employee at a medical supply company downloaded […]

Whose Fault Is It Your Business Was Hacked? 3 Tips

Whose Fault Is It Your Business Was Hacked?

If your company or the company you oversee falls victim to a cyber-attack who will be blamed? Even if the cyber security attack wasn’t your “fault” you will be called irresponsible you may even be asked, “how could you be so stupid that you let a hacker do this?” This is harsh, we know BUT […]

What Is Phishing? 8 Facts

what is phishing 8 facts

I get asked all the time, “what is phishing?” I have 8 facts that I share even though there are a myriad more that could be covered, and will be covered in future articles. Phishing is a prevalent type of cybercrime where hackers send emails that appear to be from a trustworthy source, institution or […]

What is Data Protection? 1

hackers trying to get in

What is Data Protection? When we talk with our clients, the first thing we let them know is that #protectdatanow isn’t just a hashtag – it is the way in which we work with clients and the importance we place on data. In business, data drives all corners of it. When it comes to data […]