3 Reasons To Protect Data Now

protect data now

Ask yourself: How much downtime can you afford? How much time do you spend fixing or addressing or patching your company’s IT? Do you, as the business owner, truly have the time or money to do that? How much is downtime costing you? You need to protect data now — before you’re forced to shut […]

5 Reasons To Use Antivirus Software

5 ways antivirus is good

Is your computer safe from a cyberattack? Could your computer and its data be held for ransom? Is your identity at risk of being stolen? Are your passwords available on the DarkWeb? So many things to think about! Will antivirus software help? We have put together a list of 5 reasons to use antivirus software. […]

2 Mistakes That Open The Door To Hackers: How To Protect Your Data

password security

There are two things that open the door to hackers. Is your company data at risk? Your company is doing everything right when it comes to protecting its most valuable asset – its data – right? Perhaps not. Did you know that a hacker can infiltrate the internal networks of corporations in as little as […]

5 Ways WareGeeks Solutions Protects Company Data

5 Ways WareGeeks Solutions Protects Company Data

WareGeeks Solutions protects company data. Are you losing sleep at night wondering, “is my company safe from a cybersecurity attack?” or “how can I protect my business and my client and patient data?” or “is my IT department doing enough and/or are they well-versed enough in the latest cybersecurity attacks to protect us?” We have […]

How Can Your Company Be Damaged By Cybercrime? 5 Ways

employee causes cybercrime

Did you know it’s not just cybercriminals that are to blame for data breaches? It could be your own employee – malicious or inadvertent. Could your company be the victim of a cybercrime that you’re not even aware of yet? Imagine this scenario (because it really happened) an employee at a medical supply company downloaded […]

Human Factors Play Role In Cybersecurity: 3 Items

human factor in cybersecurity

Did you know that your company data could be compromised by a human in your organization? It’s true. When I talk with business owners about how human factor plays a role in cybersecurity it is sometimes very eye-opening for them. As a provider of cybersecurity for small to medium business owners, I let them know […]

What Are 10 Different Types of Cloud Storage?

What Are 10 Different Types of Cloud Storage?

In our recent article, we wrote about what cloud storage is, who uses it and its benefits for consumer and business use. Read the entire article here. Today we want to talk about the different types of cloud storage, why you should care and what the benefits of the different types are. Cloud storage isn’t […]

How To Have A Safe Password: 5 Tips

How To Have A Safe Password

You don’t need to be involved in the SolarWinds and Russian hacking incident to need to know how to have a safe password. Every person and every business needs to understand password security, know how to make the best possible and strongest password AND how to remember where/what they are. There is nothing worse than […]

Passwords Matter: 1 Government Security Breach

Why Do Passwords Matter?

If we have said it once we have said it one hundred times — sometimes that many times in a day. Passwords matter? Why do passwords matter? I’ll give you at least 1 reason — government security breach that is happening right now. In case you haven’t heard, there was a breach in governmental agencies. […]

How To Protect Yourself From Holiday Hackers: 8 Tips

How To Protect Yourself From Holiday Hackers

Cyber attacks are not a holiday-only disturbance to your online identity and overall feeling of well-being. How to protect yourself from holiday hackers is something we talk with our clients about all the time. Believe us, when you’ve suffered identity theft or a ransomware attack – you feel violated. Some people liken it to having […]