14 Reasons Your Biz Needs Desktop Protection

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Seth Melendez, president of WareGeeks Solutions gets asked all the time, “why does my business require complete desktop protection?” The reason you don’t want to “pick and choose” which desktops or which portions of your business will be protected is that you cannot know which of your protected or unprotected will become the target of […]

How To Protect Yourself From Holiday Hackers: 8 Tips

How To Protect Yourself From Holiday Hackers

Cyber attacks are not a holiday-only disturbance to your online identity and overall feeling of well-being. How to protect yourself from holiday hackers is something we talk with our clients about all the time. Believe us, when you’ve suffered identity theft or a ransomware attack – you feel violated. Some people liken it to having […]

Data And The 2020 Elections: 3 Comments

CyberSecurity, Data And The 2020 Elections: 3 Comments

According to an article in The Washington Post, many more states — in this election year — had paper ballots which would be helpful in verifying the ballot counts. You can read the entire article at the link above. Cybersecurity, data and the 2020 elections: three comments from Seth Melendez who operates from the position […]

What is Data Protection? 1

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What is Data Protection? When we talk with our clients, the first thing we let them know is that #protectdatanow isn’t just a hashtag – it is the way in which we work with clients and the importance we place on data. In business, data drives all corners of it. When it comes to data […]