What Are Top 5 Threats To Business Continuity?

What Are Top 5 Threats To Business Continuity?

Before we go into what the threats to the continuity of your business are, let’s set the groundwork with a refresher on what business continuity and disaster recovery plan (BCDR) is. A BCDR is a plan your company has outlined that makes not of the procedures necessary to prevent damage, maintain company productivity and aid […]

What Is Vishing? 5 Ways To Beat It

what is vishing

You’ve heard of phishing, right? Phishing is a way a cyber hacker can get into the company network by sending a malicious email. These phishing emails look legitimate to your employees and they believe it’s from someone within the company asking them to click a link. The employee clicks the link and viola – a […]

How Law Firms Manage Crisis: 5 Exclusive Steps

crisis management planning

Crisis management is crucial for business viability, cybersecurity and data protection. When your law firm is confronted with an unexpected business interruption – Coronavirus pandemic, for example – how quickly were you able to react and pivot to the changes that came about almost without warning? Did your law firm confront the business disruption methodically, […]