What is Data Protection? 1

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What is Data Protection? When we talk with our clients, the first thing we let them know is that #protectdatanow isn’t just a hashtag – it is the way in which we work with clients and the importance we place on data. In business, data drives all corners of it. When it comes to data […]

7 Ways To Combat Pandemic Fatigue

Support Clients During The Pandemic Shutdown

The pandemic shutdown, which has lingered much longer than anyone likely anticipated is leading to fatigue and with some remote employees becoming lax with following security protocols. When it comes to business disruptions, the coronavirus pandemic is one that has impacted almost everyone, across the country. The COVID-19 pandemic is more widespread than most business […]

How Law Firms Manage Crisis: 5 Exclusive Steps

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Crisis management is crucial for business viability, cybersecurity and data protection. When your law firm is confronted with an unexpected business interruption – Coronavirus pandemic, for example – how quickly were you able to react and pivot to the changes that came about almost without warning? Did your law firm confront the business disruption methodically, […]