Who was responsible for the Equifax data breach? While the buck usually stops with whoever is in charge, I place the onus on this particular circumstance on the IT Engineers, not executive management. Does someone need to tell you to do your job properly? Come on… “admin” was the password?

There could be a plausible answer for this faux pas, but It would be hard to convince me that this is anything but a dereliction of duty. How many people knew this password was there? How many senior engineers? Senior IT architects?

I can understand when the system is reactionary versus proactive. Or when the process is three to six months behind on security updates. Been there. Done that. This incident, however is low hanging fruit. We as IT professionals should be calling out these circumstances when they happen. It’s not all management’s fault. Enough is enough.

Why You Need To Use Strong Passwords

Questions you need to ask about your business are:

  1. How strong are your company passwords?
  2. What are your processes for data recovery if there is a breach?
  3. What are your company internet security protocols?

According to an article in Forbes: “The Equifax breach took place in 2017, but even two years later it is still regarded as one of the worst of all time. The Equifax breach happened because the firm failed to patch a web server, which is itself a very basic error. But now a class action lawsuit shows that things were allegedly even worse. Brace yourself, because this isn’t going to make pretty reading, especially if you’re a cybersecurity professional.  Read the full article on Forbes here the Equifax breach.

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