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Did you know: WareGeeks Solutions is a certified reseller of Voice over IP?

As your managed service provider, we work to bring you the best solutions for running your business. One critical tool is hosted Voice over IP, the latest advancement in-office communication. With VoIP, you get the phone features you love—at a fraction of the cost and without the hassle of traditional phone systems.

We scoured the market for the best VoIP solution—and partnered with Cytracom to bring it to you. Cytracom VoIP from WareGeeks Solutions delivers benefits we know you’ll appreciate, like:

• No contracts: subscription-based, pay-as-you-go pricing means you can say goodbye to long-term contracts for good.
• Free phones: your low monthly rate covers phone costs, full warranties, and a 36-month replacement plan.
• Local support: work confidently knowing our support team is available 24×7 should any service issues arise.

About Cytracom
Cytracom was founded by an MSP that saw the need for a full-featured VoIP system to complement the other IT services. VoIP is part of the network and a natural addition to backup and data recovery, help desk, and security solutions. Cytracom focuses on making the process of buying, installing, and using VoIP as simple as possible.

We’d love to help you evaluate your current communication needs—and determine whether moving to VoIP is right for your business. Give me a call today at (877) 653-7146