How Secure Is Data In The Cloud? 9 Azure Tips

how safe is data in the cloud azure

There aren’t very many organizations with whom our managed service professionals work that aren’t utilizing some sort of cloud platform for their businesses. If you’re working from home, sharing documents and data with your team from remote locations, even if your team is all in the same location, but sharing documents among themselves, we’ll bet […]

How Well Did Your BCDR Work During Pandemic?

How Well Did Your BCDR Work During Pandemic?

As part of our work with clients, we urge them to implement a business continuity and disaster recovery plan (BCDR). These plans help a company quickly adapt to an emergency situation or a fast-changing work environment. This definitely occurred during the coronavirus pandemic and an almost immediate switch to a work-from-home culture. Whether you had […]

Hacks Hit 65 Percent Of Financial Institutions


Covid-19 and the pandemic has lead to more people working from home. It’s a great thing for the business owner and the employee who were able to continue working and serving customers during the coronavirus pandemic BUT that work from home culture has caused an increase in cyberattacks and hacks. Why have cyberattacks increased? Because […]

What Is ‘Phishing’?

October is National Cyber Security Awareness month and we want to talk about phishing scams. What is phishing? A phishing attack is one that uses your email or a website to infect your computer, tablet or phone with viruses and/or malware. The purpose of phishing is to infiltrate your devices and collect your financial and […]