2 Mistakes That Open The Door To Hackers: How To Protect Your Data

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There are two things that open the door to hackers. Is your company data at risk? Your company is doing everything right when it comes to protecting its most valuable asset – its data – right? Perhaps not. Did you know that a hacker can infiltrate the internal networks of corporations in as little as […]

Hacks Hit 65 Percent Of Financial Institutions


Covid-19 and the pandemic has lead to more people working from home. It’s a great thing for the business owner and the employee who were able to continue working and serving customers during the coronavirus pandemic BUT that work from home culture has caused an increase in cyberattacks and hacks. Why have cyberattacks increased? Because […]

Social Media Safety: 11 Ways To Protect Yourself

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Did you know more than 70% of all Americans use social media? Younger demographics use it more than 90%! According to Pew Reports, we are on social media and at WareGeeks Solutions, believe a majority of social media-using Americans are putting their privacy at risk. When you sign up for any of the social media […]