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New Technologies Lead To New Cybersecurity Crimes

Stay Aware, Stay Safe

As our hunger for newer, faster and better technologies sometimes coupled with our lack of knowledge on the cyber vulnerabilities these devices and technology bring with it, lead to more people falling prey to cybersecurity attacks and digital scams.

Vineet Kumar, founder of the Cyber Peace Foundation was quoted in the Declan Herald as saying there needs to be “a way to address and raise awareness about online fraud.” We, at MFE – WareGeeks – could not agree more. We know that today, most of the fraud committed today has a technological aspect.

From Declan Herald

It is our reliance on “the internet of things” (IOT) which include our smart watches, our smart homes with their connected devices like home assistants (Google, Alexa) kitchen appliances, thermostats and more heighten the chance of a cyberattack. The sheer number of these smart, always-connected devices, lead to the heightened vulnerability to attack.

Connected devices are almost everywhere you look: your vehicle, aviation, banks, the health sector and more.

Smartphones are not immune to cyberattack. In fact SIM-swaps are on the rise as are ransomware attacks on smartphones.

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