This is a cautionary tale about how to protect yourself, your home and your Internet passwords. Don’t let yourself become vulnerable and a statistic of a cyber attack. How to keep your smart home safe: Alexa & Google tips are common sense, but many of them may not be something you’ve given any thought to — but you should. Is it time to have an Internet security check done on your home?

As long as you utilize official locations to acquire extended features you will be safe. Most people go anywhere without validating who they are downloading extended features for Alexa or Google Hub. In general be cognizant of where you get updates, apps, software and the like. A little research will save you a lot of headaches down the road. One link can change your life. Stay aware, Stay Safe. #BeCyberSmart

These home devices are a convenience, but as with any device that accesses the Internet, you need to be cautious with passwords, log-ins and which sites you access and which sites you allow to access your personal and private information.

We found this interesting article about how hackers can access your information through your Alexa or Google Home devices and eavesdrop on your conversations or phish unsuspecting users.

Read the entire article from The Verge – Security researchers expose new Alexa and Google Home vulnerability on how hackers can turn your smart speaker into an eavesdropping or phishing tool

If you’re worried that your home could be vulnerable and that your personal and private information is being accessed, give us a call or send us an email. We can help you put cybersecurity measures in place to protect your organization’s private, secure information.

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