If you haven’t stopped to ask yourself how much a cyberattack would cost your small business you need to. It’s estimated that a cyberattack will cost a small business owner $200,000. Would your business survive that cost and the recovery from a cyber attack? Many won’t.

Do you think that your business is “too small” to be the target of a ransomware attack or a cybersecurity criminal attack? A recent report by Accenture showed: “43% of online attacks are now aimed at small businesses… only 14% of those small business owners are prepared to defend their businesses.” This is sobering information and if it’s stopping you in your tracks and making you wonder whether your business is secure, you need to KNOW the answer to that question. Security needs to become top priority — not an afterthought or a mindset of “we’re too small” and “it won’t happen to us.” It can and it likely will.

The report also explained that even though IT infrastructures at businesses are more sophisticated and complex than ever, the ground that needs to be covered and protected from cybercriminals has grown. From a company’s desktop infrastructure to mobile devices to servers cybercriminals are launching thousands of digital attacks that seek to compromise the integrity and security of our business’s data.

Consider this: It’s a virtual guarantee that every modern business organization and its high-tech perimeters will be breached eventually. Business owners can no longer think that a security threat MAY arise, they need to think in terms of WHEN it will happen, not IF it will happen.

Keep this sobering fact in mind: More than SIXTY PERCENT of small businesses who suffer a cyberattack will NEVER recover and will close their doors.

Rather than losing sleep and wondering whether your business and its cyber walls are safe, contact an IT consultant like those of us at MFE Waregeeks. You need to know what your cybersecurity threats are, how often they’re happening, where the potential breaches are and more importantly you need to put measures in place to protect your business. Don’t become a cybersecurity statistic.

WareGeeks Solutions is a Roselle, New Jersey-based complete IT consultant and solutions provider. We specialist in Data Protection, specifically Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (#BCDR). We work with medium and large law firms and in the healthcare industry. If you have IT or security questions contact Seth at WareGeeks Solutions. For information or a consultation, call (877) 653-7146, or email us at info@waregeeks.comwww.waregeeks.com

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