VPNs Don’t Make You Anonymous Online

VPNs Don't Make You Anonymous Online

“If I use a VPN (virtual private network) when I go online, no one can tell where I’ve gone and what I’ve clicked on.” This is what many of the clients that Seth Melendez, president of WareGeeks Solutions hears all the time. The fact is, it is better to have a VPN than to not […]

Hacking Into Your Business Data Is Surprisingly Simple: 17 Tips

Getting Into Your Business Data Is Surprisingly Simple

Chances are you have heard about the recent phishing and credential-stuffing attack on more than 1,500 companies. The ransomware group that claimed responsibility, Ransomware Evil, also known as REvil gained access through a platform called Kavesa VSA. The company did deny there was a supply chain attack, it did shut down its Saas platform. The […]

3 Ways To Get Back To Password Basics

3 Ways To Get Back To Password Basics

“It took one password.” This is a common comment we hear in the cybersecurity field. One person, one employee, one vendor with a weak password opens the door to your business and hackers walk right in. We discuss 3 ways to get back to password basics and our thoughts on accountability. A recent New York […]

Be Proactive With Cybersecurity & Ransomware Strategy: 9 Tips

You Need To Be ransomware Proactive With Cyber Security Strategy

There is an old saying that goes something like, “it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.” Well, we don’t think that a business owner should be asking his or her clients for forgiveness for a ransomware attack when their security walls have been breached and the customer’s personal and private information has been exposed […]

9 Crucial Tasks A Cybersecurity Company Performs For Your Business

9 cybersecurity tasks data

As a business owner, how much time do you spend thinking about the cybersecurity in your organization and the work your IT staff is doing to protect the data you so heavily rely on for your clients? If you’re spending more than a few hours a week delving into it yourself or if you’re not […]

3 Reasons To Protect Data Now

protect data now

Ask yourself: How much downtime can you afford? How much time do you spend fixing or addressing or patching your company’s IT? Do you, as the business owner, truly have the time or money to do that? How much is downtime costing you? You need to protect data now — before you’re forced to shut […]

14 Reasons Your Biz Needs Desktop Protection

protect business desktops

Seth Melendez, president of WareGeeks Solutions gets asked all the time, “why does my business require complete desktop protection?” The reason you don’t want to “pick and choose” which desktops or which portions of your business will be protected is that you cannot know which of your protected or unprotected will become the target of […]

What Are Top 5 Threats To Business Continuity?

What Are Top 5 Threats To Business Continuity?

Before we go into what the threats to the continuity of your business are, let’s set the groundwork with a refresher on what business continuity and disaster recovery plan (BCDR) is. A BCDR is a plan your company has outlined that makes not of the procedures necessary to prevent damage, maintain company productivity and aid […]

Cybersecurity Breach: Protect Your Biz From 3 Hidden Impacts

How To Protect Your Biz From 3 Hidden Impacts Of A Cybersecurity Breach

The impacts of a cybersecurity breach seem to have tentacles of impact you may never have considered. Have you ever wondered how to protect your biz from 3 hidden impacts of a cybersecurity breach? There are more than three, but these should give you pause and cause you to take action. Most business owners think: […]

How Can Your Company Be Damaged By Cybercrime? 5 Ways

employee causes cybercrime

Did you know it’s not just cybercriminals that are to blame for data breaches? It could be your own employee – malicious or inadvertent. Could your company be the victim of a cybercrime that you’re not even aware of yet? Imagine this scenario (because it really happened) an employee at a medical supply company downloaded […]