Did Your Business Continuity Plan Work? 5 Checkpoints

Did Your Business Continuity Plan Work? 5 Checkpoints

If things worked as they were supposed to, your company’s business continuity and disaster recovery plan worked as it was supposed to. Being shut down or having to relocate your employees to work from home because of the coronavirus pandemic might not have caused a ripple in your customer service or retention. If you didn’t […]

How To Have A Safe Password: 5 Tips

How To Have A Safe Password

You don’t need to be involved in the SolarWinds and Russian hacking incident to need to know how to have a safe password. Every person and every business needs to understand password security, know how to make the best possible and strongest password AND how to remember where/what they are. There is nothing worse than […]

Create A Biz Continuity Plan: 3 Steps

How To Create A Strong Biz Continuity Plan: 3 Steps

What is the one piece of equipment your business requires to get its work done? If you answered, “computers” you’re right. We talk with our clients about how to create a strong biz continuity plan: 3 steps and why they need one. In the past, computers didn’t play a large or such a crucial role […]

Passwords Matter: 1 Government Security Breach

Why Do Passwords Matter?

If we have said it once we have said it one hundred times — sometimes that many times in a day. Passwords matter? Why do passwords matter? I’ll give you at least 1 reason — government security breach that is happening right now. In case you haven’t heard, there was a breach in governmental agencies. […]

Hacks Hit 65 Percent Of Financial Institutions


Covid-19 and the pandemic has lead to more people working from home. It’s a great thing for the business owner and the employee who were able to continue working and serving customers during the coronavirus pandemic BUT that work from home culture has caused an increase in cyberattacks and hacks. Why have cyberattacks increased? Because […]

7 Ways To Combat Pandemic Fatigue

Support Clients During The Pandemic Shutdown

The pandemic shutdown, which has lingered much longer than anyone likely anticipated is leading to fatigue and with some remote employees becoming lax with following security protocols. When it comes to business disruptions, the coronavirus pandemic is one that has impacted almost everyone, across the country. The COVID-19 pandemic is more widespread than most business […]

What Is ‘Phishing’?

October is National Cyber Security Awareness month and we want to talk about phishing scams. What is phishing? A phishing attack is one that uses your email or a website to infect your computer, tablet or phone with viruses and/or malware. The purpose of phishing is to infiltrate your devices and collect your financial and […]

5 Ways To Protect Your Digital Home

#BeCyberSmart is an awareness campaign aimed at sharing information and insight to individuals and business owners. During October, National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we will be bringing you tips and advice on securing your private data when you’re online. If you’re like many of us, we have “smart homes” and home devices that are connected to […]

Why You Need To Use Strong Passwords

Who was responsible for the Equifax data breach? While the buck usually stops with whoever is in charge, I place the onus on this particular circumstance on the IT Engineers, not executive management. Does someone need to tell you to do your job properly? Come on… “admin” was the password? There could be a plausible […]

How To Keep Your Smart Home Safe: Alexa & Google Tips

This is a cautionary tale about how to protect yourself, your home and your Internet passwords. Don’t let yourself become vulnerable and a statistic of a cyber attack. How to keep your smart home safe: Alexa & Google tips are common sense, but many of them may not be something you’ve given any thought to […]